Where are the Temple of Justice Monographs Now?

When the Temple of Justice was originally envisioned by the architects in the 1920’s, they imagined large murals behind the bench. But unfortunately the project ran out of money when the Temple opened and the mural project sat uncompleted until Justices Alexander, Talmadge and Wiggins undertook this project in the later part of the 20th Century.  This became the core mission of the Washington Courts Historical Society. 

In 2019, The Washington Courts Historical Society’s Art Selection Committee commissioned Daniel Galvez, a renowned muralist to paint panels that reflect the richness of Washington State’s legal history, people and landscapes to be placed behind the bench.   The murals have a diminutive version, known a monograph, which are traveling around the state to show the public how beautiful these murals could be once they are completed.  

Currently the monographs are in the main courtroom in Court of Appeals, Division II in Tacoma, but will be moving to a new location in the new year. We suggest that you take a look at this remarkable piece of art and imagine how it would complete the Temple of Justice as the original architects envisioned it.